What is FURIOS and who’s behind it? Is it possible to write in a different language than German? How often do we publish a new issue? How is a new magazine issue financed? Here are the answers on our FAQs.

The Krauts of FURIOS welcome everyone writing in English! Illustration: Friederike Oertel

What is FURIOS?

FURIOS is a student-organized, independent campus magazine at the Freie Universität Berlin. The departments Politics, Campus, Culture and Science cover whatever occurs at our university. We see ourselves as an independent voice without a certain political orientation. We aim to be a diverse group of people with a broad variety of opinions. However, we do not tolerate any kind of hate or discrimination. 

Can I participate as a non-german speaker?

We would be pleased! Although most of our articles are published in German, there is no reason why you can’t write something in English. And if you like to illustrate, take photos or code, language shouldn’t be an issue. You are welcome to join our meetings, write us an email or contact us through social media.

Who is FURIOS?

Behind FURIOS are students of the FU who are interested in journalism at their university. Furthermore, everyone who is passionate about writing, photography, design, illustration or programming is welcome to participate! We are always happy about new people and ideas!

How was FURIOS established?

In 2008, a group of FU students wished for an independent student magazine at the university. There were some established media outlets already existing, which certainly contributed to a diverse range of publications at the FU. However, they were mostly connected to certain interest groups like the student council (Asta) or the press department of the FU management. FURIOS wanted and wants to enrich the media landscape. The first issue, published in 2008, and the following two in 2009 received a grant by the alumni association of the FU (Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft). This allowed FURIOS to attain a certain stability; and to further durability, ads were placed within the magazine. Since 2011 we solely obtain our money from ads. (See „How do you finance FURIOS?“).

How often do you publish the magazine?

The printed version of the FURIOS magazine is published once every semester. Copies will be distributed throughout the university’s main campus and can be found in front of the cafeteria and the U-Bahn stations Dahlem-Dorf and Thielplatz.

How do you finance FURIOS?

All FURIOS editors, photographers, layouters, illustrators and programmers work voluntarily for the magazine. We like to offer our magazine free of charge. For this reason, we rely on ads. The business details can be found in our media data sheet (Link in the footer of this page). None of our clients have any influence on our stories since our main priority is to be independent.

Translation: Anis Ari, Julian von Bülow